When Ben was 17 he got a 1980 Fiat Spider 2000. Awesome car right? Yes, but it needed a lot of work and he was told to go see a guy named Larry Williams. Mr. Williams told Ben he would show him how to work on it and Ben took off from there. He worked for Larry all through high school and then attended Southern Adventist University where he completed their automotive program. Ben excelled at taking the ASE mechanics tests and currently holds multiple ASE certifications including his Master technician and Advanced level specialist certifications.

When Ben decided to go into business for himself it was early 2009 and the economy was in the dumps. Ben sold his fully restored 1981 Fiat Spider 200 and his first BMW to start his business. Ben’s little brother Joe helped him move things into the first shop location. After a short time working together, Ben offered Joe the same opportunity Mr. Williams offered him. Joe began working for Ben right away and is now one of the leading technicians at Import Motorworks.

Ben invested heavily in a tool called the Autologic. It gives us the ability to code or program just like a dealership on any BMW, Mini, Mercedes or Porsche! That makes us different. But what makes us really special is we are family owned and operated and yet we can service your BMW, Mini, Mercedes or Porsche at a fraction of the dealership prices with a family friendly environment. We want our customers to feel comfortable with us working on their cars because while its here we truly do treat it like its ours.

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